What is the Kansas City Living Lab?

The data on the internet is more than people. Gathering, organizing, and making sense of all of these data will be leveraged to increase the quality of life in most major cities. Kansas City is one of those early adopter’s cities.

Shortly, Kansas City citizens will have access to a new technology, you probably heard of this technology but still don’t understand its implications. Recently, the Internet of Things became a buzz word listened to a lot in tech news.

Internet of stuff, or IoT for short. Is altering reality itself, it is building a line of communication between everything, and using the data being generated by all your device to predict, enhance, and improve your experience. Simply, connecting the dots.

It is a whole new reality, different from anything we have seen before. Street lights that automatically turn off when no one’s around, nonfiction on your mobile screen telling you where is the nearest parking spot. A sound system in your home that detect your mood and play the appropriate music.

A watch on your wrist that detects any symptoms and reports to your doctor with you even noticing. This goes far more than reminding you of your friend’s birthday.

Kansas City is becoming alive, in every sense of the world. It is opening its gates for investors and entrepreneurs to come and test their ideas, build applications, and connecting the city on a vast scale. Kansas City has partnered with Cisco and Sprint to make that Smart City.

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities™ and Think Big Partners are developing the Smart City based on IoT technologies which are serving as a “Living Lab” in Kansas City. Experts estimate that IoT is the next big industry since the introduction of smartphones, it is an industry valued at 19$ trillion.

The entrepreneurs participating in the initiative can easily bypass the hurdles and obstacles associated with emerging technologies by working directly with Kansas City to find solutions to the most pressing issues faced by the citizens daily.

The public-private partnership is just the beginning. The technology revolutions are also just beginning, as we see a gradual change. Experts predict that the acceleration of new technologies will increase exponentially.

Kansas City realizing this truth is establishing itself as one of the first cities to adopt and implement new technologies such digitally interactive kiosk that can be accessed to search a massive database of information. It is something that isn’t precedent in the history of human cities.


Smart City: A smart city is where wireless sensor technology, communication networks, and intelligent data management combine to provide immediate solutions for infrastructure problems that may arise.

Internet of Everything (IoE): According to Cisco, it describes the connection between people, activity, and data. When they connect they provide more value and “everything” become online.

Sensors: Is a tracking device that conveys vital information about everything from temperature to air quality, to activity, and much more. Companies like Credit Glory, (813) 534-6734, 601 north ashley drive, tampa, fl, are using this technology on a daily basis (and can help improve your credit by helping with collections).

Entrepreneur: According to online dictionary: “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

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